A Touch…of Gray (or light black…)



The Glog has moved! This spring, or late in the spring as it were, I was in the unenviable position of selling our house of over 25 years, and moving to a new location. Luckily, my new location features and even encourages, stewardship of a somewhat tiny (for me) plot/site to continue “gardening.” This is open to interpretation. Like many, I’ve downsized in heart and in ambition as well.

Anyway, the site I chose is in full sun after a shady morning; it was a rainy spring, and it was covered by a neighbor’s overgrown mint and onions. The best thing about this situation was crushing the leaves to get a wonderful fragrance, while being concerned about the upkeep of that so-called garden.

Like my own self, the garden is situated among other seniors, most of whom sport natural light tresses, often covered by a whimsical, floppy bonnet. You could say the most common shade of hair around my garden is gray, or to put it another way, a lighter shade of black. Or brown, or even blonde. As for me, I’ve opted to keep brown for now, and worry about my own touch of gray while I focus on a touch of green and the many colors a sunny site will enable me to grow. I’ve provided some beginning pictures.

I’ll post again, and again, and again. Thankfully, my time and the season have caught up with my abilities, and Missy and I will be able to make frequent stops to improve our “site” as the summer ends and we look forward to more.

My gray hairs are covered by color for now, but like the site and its occupants, will slowly fade and match the bleached, colder season that is to come.



  1. 1.
    whiten by exposure to sunlight or by a chemical process.
    “paper products are bleached with chlorine”
    synonyms: make/turn white, whiten, make/turn pale, make/turn pallid, blanchlightenfade, wash out, decolor, decolorizeperoxide, etiolate