CoVid19 Catch-up

I mulched. I weeded. I watched. I learned.

Then a global pandemic hit.

20200321_164217yellow daffodils from new garden 3-20 (6 of 10)Luckily, the garden is between cleaning and seeding. But because of restricted movement in my community, we have been prevented from our usual meanderings and gatherings over the pretty daffodils in bloom.


Spring is moving in, with gentle breezes, cool mornings, and longer twilight. If anything, it makes me happy in a time of sadness. Selfishly happy despite the fact that people are dying and sick. We will and can recover. Our society will realize its power to change things. This may not be over soon, but spring will become summer and summer fall.

Let’s hope that like the seasons, we as a people learn to ride nature’s rhythms and live longer and healthier as a result.