I have dirt cred! I have lots of experience, and have dug into much information. I even have a collection of gardening books that include philosophy and love of gardening. They include factual, general, specific, even magical subjects, on their pages.

Of course, the days of collecting and referring to paper books seems to be coming to a close, but another door is opening. We can easily access information via our screens these days. But we also may want to sit back with a good, old, dog-eared volume that speaks to us not through a robotic voice, but through our own eyes and minds. And hearts.

Back to how I’ve gotten here, I am the webmaster for my local garden club. You can see us at http://www.navesinkgardenclub.org. I am the social communications chair for my local camera club. You can check us out on facebook by searching Monmouth Camera Club, search Meetup.com or just go to our website at http://www.mcc-nj.org. I’m a congregant at the Unitarian/Universalist Congregation of Monmouth County, or uucmc.org, and follow a pagan path as my religious tradition. So I have a wide variety of interests, but my passions are gardening and photography, depending on what’s in my hands, a rake or a camera!

My gardening life is indeed a journey of the mind, body, and spirit. Let’s continue that whether we use a pointer, finger, or trowel, and share so that future generations can also enjoy our knowledge and love of gardening.